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What is technology? – Why technology is importent for all people

What is technology? – Why technology is important for all people

This may seem like a common question, but technology is more than gadgets and gizmos. what it means technology Andy Lane explains to different peoples.

The role and impact of technology in our personal and professional lives is growing.

How technology shapes people and how technology shapes the interaction of the natural world with each other and the natural world is not only for those who research, develop and apply new technologies.

but also for those who use those technologies and technologies. Using personal life.

Technology is not a neutral term. Different people will give it different meanings depending on their point of view and context.

The members of the Faculty of Technology are no different, but over the years we have adopted a specific definition of technology that reflects our own goals and objectives:


Technology concerned about how knowledge is creatively applied to organized tasks involving people and machines that meet sustainable goals. In this definition There are three important aspects let’s see…


1) Technology will take steps to meet human needs rather than simply understanding the workings of the natural world, which is the goal of science. The microscopic discovery was driven by the need to explore the small world beyond our sight without our help.

This technological solution to chronic problems has enabled us to understand the world better, resulting in the development of more technologies.

2) cientific knowledge and includes knowledge of practical are used in technology The iPod is an example where the physics of making a small device need to be married to creative design to create an icon that carries such music.

3) It involves an integrated approach to work. It covers targeted and voluntary interactions between products (machines, devices, styles) and all the people and systems that make them, use them or attack them through various processes.

Many people like to drink coffee in a regular coffee shop. That coffee probably came from a tree that was grown to increase yields to help a particular farmer and his family but needed pesticides that were made and produced in other countries.

The cut coffee beans will be shipped around the world, processed and kept in packages that are distributed in stores that were made for the purpose of making coffee cups in polystyrene cups but this needs to be disposed of soon.

Each of us depends and feeds, on an interdependent and far-reaching way of life where some people have a lot and some have very little.


Technolog is changing, creating a career where people need to be proficient in the following many areas: engineering, communication, design, development, innovation, management, production, modeling and systems thinking.

But technolog gives us a variety of products that are good or sick or disputed for the benefit and similarly the processes involved in the production and use of technology provide for all of us and can be used whether someone else should be permanently interested. The future


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