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What is Biology

What is Biology? Important Question and Answer of Biology

What is Biology? Important Question and Answer of Biology

1)  What is biology?

Answer: Biology is a branch of science that provides complete knowledge about the structure, biological function, and life of an animal.

2) Who is the father of biology?

Answer: Aristotle, the father of biology (364-322 BC).

3) What is histology?

Answer: The branch of biology that deals with the structure, arrangement, and functions of the tissues of an organism is called histology.

4) What is genetics?

Answer: The branch of biology that deals with genes and heredity is called genetics.

5) What is paleontology?

Answer: The branch of biology that deals with the science of prehistoric organisms and fossils is called paleontology.

6) What is Entomology?

Answer: Insects are the biology related to the life, benefits, harms, harms, control, etc. of insects.

8) What is microbiology?

Answer: The science of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi and other microorganisms is called microbiology.

9) What is biotechnology?

Answer: Biology and technology is the science of using biology for the benefit of humans and the environment.

10) What is classified?

Answer: Classification of organisms on the basis of similarities and differences is called tax definition.

11) What is the connection?

Answer: Biologically separate but structurally one, sexual reproduction occurs through the union of two such gametes, it is called conjugation.

12) What is Anisogamas?

Answer: Sexual reproduction is accomplished through the matching of two separate games of physiological differences of different sizes, called anisogamy.

13) What is a species?

Answer: Species refers to an organism that has maximum mating between different traits, which is able to collect fertile offspring through mating.

14) What is the full form of ICBN?

Answer: The complete form of ICBN is the International Botanical Naming Code. Plant names have to follow the rules recognized by ICBN.

15) What is ICZN?

Answer: The complete form of ICZN is the International Zoology Naming Code. The animal must have a name as per the rules recognized by ICJNN.

16) What is the nature of the system?

Answer: Sistema Natural is a book written by Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus.

17) Write the scientific name of the following organism.


  • (1) Paddy Orija Sativa
  • (2) Jute cortex capsularis
  • (3) Jackfruit Artocarpus heterophilus
  • (4) National flower (Shapla) Nymphia nouchali
  • (5) Plasmodium vivax
  • (6)) National fish (hilsa) Tenulosa hilsa
  • (7)) National Bird (Dol) Copysecus solaris
  • (8)) National animal (Royal Bengal Tiger) Panther tiger
  • (9) People are Homo sapiens

Conceptual questions

Which is called the physical branch of biology and why?

Answer: Theoretical issues are discussed in the branch of physical biolog. The genetic makeup of genes and organisms is discussed in this section. This is why genetics is called the physical branch of biolog.


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