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Unknown facts of history

All the unknown facts of history and the surprising facts of science

All the unknown facts of history and the surprising facts of science

People’s interest in knowing is immense, and various events are happening around us all the time, how many events can we know ??? There are things that happen in the world or there is information that we are sometimes surprised, surprised or often burst into laughter. let’s know something known and unknown facts of history.

  • In matches, football players run an average of 12 km.
  • Mosquitoes do not bite us even though we have mosquito teeth. Just sting.
  • The rabbit and the pheasant look back without turning their heads.
  • The movie Titanic cost 200$ million dollars. But the Titanic cost 7$ million dollars to build.
  • You don’t know when the color of hippopotamus’s sweat turns red – if you get angry.
  • Outside the seed fruit is the strawberry fruit.
  • Chewing onions will not burn the eyes – chewing gum.
  • If you never cut your beard, it will be 3 feet long in old age.

unknown facts of history

  • Giraffes can last longer than water.

  • Where does most of the dust or dirt in the house actually come from? – From your dead cells or skin.

  • Who has the most planes in the world in this direction? – The US Air Force.

  • Genghis Khan’s family is so large that one out of every 200 of us is his relative.

  • Computer printer ink costs about 1000 times more than petrol.

  • Then who has more planes? – To the US Navy.

  • There is only one animal that can invert its stomach on its own – the starfish

  • A dentist invented the electric chair to execute.

  • Which building is going to give 1 inch to the ground every year and why? – The library building of Indiana University in the United States. The reason is for the weight of millions of books.

  • When you turn 65, at this age of 65 you normally slept for a total of 23 years.

  • Who weighs more than an elephant? Whale tongue

Unknown facts of the world

unknown facts of earth


  • What can be written with more than 5 kilometers? – Normal with 1 pencil.

  • How many children are born in the world every three seconds? – 9

  • How many people die every three seconds? – 4 people.

  • How many people increase the world’s population every three seconds? – 5 people.

  • How many bones are there in human body in childhood? – 300

  • What is faster than the first discovery word? – Whip.

  • When it is big, how many bones are there in a pair of bones? – 207.

  • Which part of the human body has a part of the bones? – On two legs.

  • What is different for everyone like a fingerprint? – Tongue print.

  • Penguin offers love with a stone gift. And spends his life in music.

  • Even if the head is cut off, which animal survives for a few days? – Cockroaches

  • Where is the practice of playing football with the skull? – People among the Matami tribes of Africa.

surprising facts of science

Surprising facts

Surprising facts

  • What is harder than concrete? – Human thigh bones.

  • The fourth leaf cannot be left open while giving the hiccups.

  • How long will it take to board a modern spacecraft to the nearest star in space? – 60 thousand years.

  • Match has been discovered before? – Cigarette lighter.

  • How many years old chewing gum have archaeologists found? – 9000 years.

  • Which animal can travel up to 5000 km? – Per butterfly.

  • How much honey does a bee have to go to 20 lakh flowers to produce? – 1 pound.

  • If you calculate the number of relatives up to 25 men, do you know how much your total number of relatives will exceed? – 3 crore

  • How many people work in Indian Railways, the largest employer in the world? – 18 lakh people work.

  • The only food that never rots? – Honey.

  • Who never wore socks? – Einstein.

  • How many lines of Greek national anthem in total? – 156 lines.

  • Which bird’s eye is bigger than the brain of its head? – Get up, bird

  • Dogs have great hearing and do you know how many feet away they can hear? – The dog hears from 100 feet away.

  • Which animal’s blood vessels are so thick that a person can swim through them? – Blue whale blood vessels.

Unknown facts of history and science

unknown facts of the world


  • the world largest seed in  – Coconut seeds

  • What is the most deadly poison? – Cyanide in apple seeds.

  • When there was no beard, comma, etc. in writing? – Before the 15th century.

  • In just 36 minutes, the smallest battle is fought in which year and between whom? Between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896.

  • Which animal walks on its fingers? – Elephants walk on their fingers because there are no bones in the back of their leaves, only fat.

  • What is the color of white bear hair? – Transparent.

  • You can try, you can never give yourself a whisper.

  • The eyeballs of which animal are rectangular, not round? – The goat’s eye is rectangular.

  • Which animal causes the most human deaths? – Mosquitoes.

  • After birth, the nose and ears are getting bigger and bigger, but what size is still the same? – Eyes.

  • strongest muscle in the body? – Tongue.

  • Which animal has three eyelids? – Camel birds.

  • Is it a harmful thing that can even kill a dog? – Chocolate.

  • Which book holds the record for most thefts from a library? – Guinness Book of Records.

  • With which material is dynamite made? – With nuts.

  • What is money actually made of? – type of cotton.

  • Which way does Badur always go out of the cave? – Goes to the left.

  • Who is not allowed to speak in the British Parliament? – Speaker’s.

  • What is an ingredient in lipstick making? – Fish ash.

  • What is not only the hair, the skin also cut the stripe? – Tiger.

  • What is not yogurt frozen milk? – Camels

  • It grows 4 times faster than toenails, fingernails.

  • hot water freezes faster than cold water? yes right

  • in the human brain How much water have? – 80 percent

  • Who can sleep and swim at the same time? – Dolphin

  • Do you know the amount of bacteria in an adult human body? – From 2 to 9 pounds.



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