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Seo fro beginners

How to Learn SEO: SEO for Beginners in 2021 || Episode 3

How to Learn SEO: SEO for Beginners in 2021 || Episode 3

Today, the third episode of the ‘Learn SEO’ series includes guidelines on how search engines Google and Bing Webmaster can build a website with different policies and user in mind. By following these tips, you will be able to protect your website from search engine friendly and search engine penalties. Seo for beginners.

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Basic Principles:

1) make web pages only for user or users, not for search engines.
2) Never cheat with the user.
3) Don’t try to rank in search engines by violating search engine guidelines and following various spam methods.
4) You always create content for users. Ask yourself, how will your content benefit the user? What is more important than your content?
5) Think about what you can do to make your website more unique, informative, and user-friendly.

SEO for beginners

Which Things not to do:

1) Creating automatically generated content.
2) Use of link schemes or abuse of links.
3) Creating content by title or copying content from someone else and using it.
4) Turn off one type of content in search engines and show the user another type of content
5) Using hidden text or links.
6) Doorway Pages – Create pages for specific searches that rank visitors from searches

Bing Webmaster Guide

Basic Principles:

1) Creating clean, deep, interesting and easily accessible content.
2) Clear the page title and match the content.
3) The Bing link shows up as the popularity of ranking among search engines and rewards the original link.
4) Social media activities and social shares are counted as positive signals and help to get biological rankings.
5) Site page speed is an important factor in enhancing the user experience and helping to achieve rankings.
6) Use of Alt tags to help BL search engines understand images and content

Which Things not to do:

1) Pages that contain lots of ads and authorized links are redirected to other websites, and those that do not have rankings cannot be created in general links.
2) Misuse of links, purchase of links, use of link schemes result in de-indexing of the website.
3) Creating a URL using duplicate keywords, not following any parameters using duplicate content.
4) do not use any numbers, Maximize URLs with specific keywords, use more keywords
5) In purchased links Use JavaScript or Flash or Silverlight content .
6) Use duplicate content.
7) Keyword stuffing
8) Cloaking – showing one type of content to a search engine and another type of content to the user.

Website with users in mind

It is not possible to get SEO rank in any shortcut method without following search engine guidelines. If you create user-friendly content and sites, and if it meets the needs of users, your site will rank well in search engines for a long time.

For example: For example: Search engine users search for things they need and click on their desired result. And if you want to put your site in such results, users must remember.

For example, if you visit a restaurant site, users can search with some keywords and remember what kind of information they want, so that a user can search your site for restaurant related keywords and find the right information. .

With SEO you can find out what keywords you are looking for and what you need to do on the content site.

Here are some common types of user requirements:

Informative: Searching for information.

Navigational: to look for something specific

For example: “Cricinfo”, “Google”, “I Phone”.

Transactions: Searching to buy something.

For example: “Online shopping on US”.

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