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How to Learn SEO: Guide for Beginners in 2021 || Episode 2

How to Learn SEO: Guide for Beginners in 2021 || Episode 2

In the field of outsourcing and freelancing The work of search engine optimization (SEO) is quite popular. SEO is basically a few well-regulated and planned methods/methods or methods of search engine. Today is the second episode of the ‘Learn SEO’ series. SEO posts are being published every day.

Which search results are ‘organic’?

It has already been said that organic search results only come to search engine results pages through SEO and not through any paid or advertising. Organic results are labeled as ’10 Blue Links’ displayed on SERPs and results are advertised at the top, bottom and side. So that the given and organic results are given on a page are easily understood. The kind of search engine results pages we see today are not what they used to be.

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Search engine results pages are now called SERPs and are rich in advertising as well as organic results. Features of SERP organic results such as:

1) Property snippet,

2) Answer box,

3) People ‍ also ask / search box/suggestions,

4) Image carousel,

5) Video carousel,

6)  News etc.

Based on user searches new SERP is bringing more new features.

For example: If you search for ‘Dhaka Dhaka Weather’, you will see an image of the Dhaka Dhaka Climate Forecast instead of the link. And if you search for ‘Dhaka Dhaka Pika Pizza’, you will find some local pizza locations, some links, and carousels on Google Maps which are only in Dhaka Dhaka Dhaka Dhaka city.

search engine revenue comes only from advertising remember this. search engine users can return to SERPs and stay longer this is the main goal of search engine.

Some features of SERPs may be influenced by organic and SEO. SEO ads have no effect. There are some features that neither of the two can influence in organic advertising. Search results from sites like Wiki, IDB, WebMASTER, etc.

learn SEO

Why SEO is needed or important?

SEO practice/application improves website users and users as well as the organization’s branding through organic results on search engine results pages.

However, paid advertising, social media and other online platforms can generate traffic/users to the website.

Search engines display a variety of digital features and reliable informative answers on their results pages, which generate more clicks than paid ads. In the United States, for example, only 2.6% of all clicks come from paid advertising or paid advertising.

SEO is the only online marketing channel where the task of setting up properly tends to earn or earn money over time. If you can provide informative and user-friendly content on the site and it is in the right keywords of search engines. Users continue to come to your site from search engines. What you won’t get is spending a lot of money on paid advertising.

nowadays search engines are very smart, you still need your help to show the right search content.. Optimization will enrich your site’s information and provide user-friendly content to search engines. So that search engines can display your site content on the search results page through crawling, indexing, and ranking.

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

‘White Hat SEO’ refers to those SEO strategies, best practices, and strategies that follow all search engine guidelines.

‘Black Hat SEO’ is about the techniques and techniques used to fool search engines through spamming so that a website can show a good ranking in search engines in a very short time. As a result, search engines can penalize or dynamic the site. Black hat SEO does not maintain or follow search engine guidelines.

No business can succeed online through a penalized website. One of the reasons for penalizing search engines is that SEO professionals make mistakes when choosing an agency and do not follow search engine guidelines.

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