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Seo for beginners

How to Learn SEO: Guide for Beginners || Episode 1

How to Learn SEO: Guide for Beginners || Episode 1

In outsourcing search engine optimization (SEO) work is quite popular. For those who are interested, a series called ‘Learn SEO’ is starting. Posts related to SEO will be published day by day.

For a helpful dive into SEO, our SEO Tables Introduction Table introduces you to all the essentials you need, including on-page and off-page SEO requirements and strategies that can hit the “toxins” or your rankings.


What is SEO and why is it important?

Simply put, search engine optimization is basically a set of search engine rules that considers and ranks the website of choice for search engines after the search engines have followed or applied it. In today’s world of competition, it is almost impossible to get visitors or traffic from SEO or search engines. Generally, no website without search engine optimization is ranked by search engines.


* The full form of the English word SEO is search engine optimization (search engine optimization) which is some well-regulated and well-planned rules/methods or methods of search engines. By following the rules, you can make your favorite website appear at the beginning of the search engine results page. The main purpose of SEO is to show your website in SEOPS


* Search engines are primarily designed to provide users with accurate search information and SEO makes that information useful to search engines. SEO helps our search engines understand what information they are looking for, what kind of problems they want to solve, what keywords or keywords they are using, and what kind of content they want. We can easily solve all these problems for website users with SEO.



Today’s search engine optimization is basically the result of any changes we made through Google. The first webpage was published in August 1991 by Tim Barnes Lee


Jerry Young and David Philo founded the Yahoo Search Engine in January 1994, with which they created the Yahoo Directory.

On September 4, 1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were founded Google. In this digital world, the top most valuable search engine is google. Google accounts for more than 90% of all searches on the Internet and includes a wide range of popular products and services.


In 1997, Goto.com began searching for and providing sponsored links. Where you have to be first in the biological results. Goto has worked with the help of the Yahoo search engine.


After various algorithm updates, google search engines have come to this strong place. In terms of competition currently, the world best and a good quality search engine is Google.


Search Engine Basic:

A search engine is basically an answering machine that refines/inserts millions of content from the Internet and then evaluates it with thousands of elements to see if the information is correct according to the user’s search and to present it to the user.

And search engines crawl and embroider all the information (web pages, images, videos, PDFs, etc.) available on the Internet. The most effective data ranking for the user.

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