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High blood pressure

High blood pressure: Whatever you do to survive this silent killer

High blood pressure: Whatever you do to survive this silent killer

High blood pressure is known as a silent killer worldwide and like many other countries, a large number of people in the USA are also suffering from high blood pressure.

According to the ‘Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey 2017-18’, one out of every four adults in Bangladesh suffers from high bp.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly one and a half billion people worldwide suffer from high bp. And this problem kills about 6 million people every year worldwide.

What is high blood pressure?

If the blood pressure in the arteries of the heart is too high, it is marked as high bp or hypertension.

This bp is recorded by two values – the higher the number, it is called systolic pressure, and the lower the diastolic pressure.

Each heartbeat is the systolic pressure and diastolic pressure during contraction and expansion.

A healthy adult has a bp of 120/60 mm Hg.

If someone’s bp is 140/90 or more, then they have a problem with high bp.

On the other hand, if the bp is 90/80 or so, it is considered low bp.

Although blood pressure can be a little higher or lower regardless of age.

What are the problems with high bp?

When high bp is not controlled, complications increase in some important organs of the body.

Uncontrolled high bp weakens the heart muscles and stops the bp in the weakened heart or stops the person’s heart from working or causes the heart to fail.

Also, the walls of the blood vessels narrow at times when there is a chance of a heart attack.

High bp can lead to kidney damage, stroke, or bleeding in the brain. In such a situation the patient is likely to die.

And in special cases due to high bp, a person can also take blindness due to retinal bleeding.

Afroza Anwar, a doctor at a private hospital in Dhaka, said the cause of high bp was mostly unknown.

The most dangerous thing that there are often no early signs of high bp. Even without the symptoms, various parts of the body can be damaged and the patient may not realize that he or she has suffered serious physical damage.”

after the age of 40 every few months later Bp needs to be measured because older people are more likely to have high blood pressure,” he said.

And those who have been suffering from high bp for a long time should have their blood pressure measured once a week.

However, even if high bp is seen at once, it cannot be said that anyone has high blood pressure.

If a person has high bp for three consecutive months, it can be said that he has a problem with high blood pressure.


In high bp, There are no specific symptoms have. However, some common symptoms include:

1. Severe headaches, headaches, and dizziness
2. Neck pain
3. Nausea or vomiting
4. Slightly angry or trembling with restlessness
5. 5) Not getting good sleep & Occasionally ringing in the ears
6. Lots of time lost consciousness
7. If these symptoms occur, doctors recommend regular blood pressure measurements and medications.

Causes of high blood pressure

1. The risk of high bp usually increases after the age of 40
Overweight or obesity
2. If anyone in the family has high bp
3. If you do not exercise regularly or do physical work
4. Eat six grams or one teaspoon of salt every day
5. Smoking or drinking or eating extra caffeinated foods/drinks
6. Long time Sleeping trouble is a cause of high blood pressure
7. If. If there is physical and mental stress

In case of high bp, What can we do:

It is possible to control bp by making lifestyle changes and taking regular medication on the advice of a doctor. And follow bellow advice.

1. Decreasing the amount of salt in the diet – Sodium in salt increases the amount of water in the blood, resulting in an increase in blood volume and pressure.
2. Avoid smoking and alcohol – Smoking increases the levels of various toxins in the body which can cause various diseases of arteries and veins including heart disease.

3. Weight control – Excess body weight makes the heart work harder. in overweight people, High bp is a common problem.

4. Regular exercise or physical activity – Regular exercise and physical activity keeps the heart strong and controls weight.

5. Decreased stress or anxiety – Anger, tension, fear, or stress can also temporarily raise bp, experts say. Prolonged stress can occur


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