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How to Learn SEO: Episode 6 || Google Search Console

How to Learn SEO: Episode 6 || Google Search Console

Today is the sixth episode of the ‘Learn SEO’ series. How to set a URL with Google Search Console? Does the crawler find all your important content? What are the reasons why search engines can’t find important content? About 4XX code and 5XX code.

Defining URLs through the Google Search Console

Some sites (in most cases e-commerce sites) show the same content in different sections using different URL parameters show The URL will change whenever you change a parameter.




& Cat_id = 1 and session id = 123 aphid = 43

Now think about it, which URL will Google crawl and which URL will appear in the index and search? Determines which URL will appear in a Google search. However, here you can specify which URL will appear in the Google Search Console with the URL Parameters feature.

Does the crawler find all your important content?

how to look or get an appointment for antique items some suggestions give here. Learn how to optimize and Google Bot will easily find your important page.

Sometimes search engines crawl specific pages on your site to search for themselves. However, the rest of the page or any specific part cannot be found for any reason. You need to make sure that your website is not just a homepage index so that all the pages you want are indexed.

Here are some possible reasons why your content may not be found by search engines:

If your content is inside the login form

If you use a search form or box for content.

Hidden if the text content is hidden in textless content

If search engines can’t follow your site.

If you do not have a clear data structure.

If you do not use Sitemap.

If the crawler encounters an error or omission when it tries to access your URL.

The 4XX and 5XX codes are some of the most popular error codes when doing SEO.

4xx Code:

When a search engine crawler cannot access your website content due to an internal problem with your website, it is called a 4xx error.

“404 – Page not found” is The most common 4xx error. This may be due to typing a URL, deleting a webpage, broken redirects, etc.

5xx code: When a search engine is unable to access a website’s content due to a problem with the crawler server, it is called a 5xx error.

A 5xx error is identified as a server issue which means when no user or search engine crawler has access to any content page.


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