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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2021

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2021

It is basically commission-based marketing. If a person sells a product of another person or company and earns some profit from that can defined as an affiliate. It’s a vast platform. There are thousands of products, with which a person can start affiliate marketing. The products can be chosen randomly and can promote that. A unique link of the affiliate marketer is used for tracking. It’s a job that can be done with freedom. But if you work more, you will earn more.

It’s a very beautiful work. No limitations, no fixed salary, no specific working hours. One can earn more by doing marketing for more than one company at a time. The most important thing is you don’t have to produce products or collect them. Even you don’t have to think about the packaging or delivery.

But, it’s not very easy to get success in affiliate marketing. To get success one needs to understand the traffic, have to analyze it. Need to choose the proper platform and audience. Or else it will be a waste of both money and time.



Don’t need to get sad. There are many affiliates who earn money while sleep. But to get to that position you need to have patience and need to follow some steps and principles. Then you can also be able to rule the world of affiliate marketing.

How does it work?

It is not a complicated thing to understand the insides of affiliate marketing. A scenario will be easy to describe it. Mr. A has a farm. He produces dairy products there. The farm is in the village and he needs to sell his products in the town for more profit. So, he hired a salesperson to sell his products. But he will only get a commission on his sales. The salesman went to the town can get orders from the customers. And he got the commission of each sale.

Affiliate marketing is similar to this scenario. Someone will produce the product and the affiliates sell them to the customers. Thus, the affiliates get the sales commission.

There are various ways affiliates get paid. Among them per sale, per click, per lead are popular.

Why affiliate marketing?

In pursuit of livelihood, we have to do something. In regular jobs, we need to work head to toe for salary. But in affiliate marketing, if we can set our market, we can be able to get income while sleeping. Here, after selling the affiliates don’t have to provide any after-sale services. It’s a virtual platform where one can work from home. Moreover, it’s a freelancing job. One can work flexibly in this field.

Types of Affiliate Marketng Channels

There are common ways most of the affiliates follow to advertise the service or the products. Among them paid search, influencers, bloggers, Email listing are common.


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